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  • TA:02/01 Blog

    Seems like machine learning is really everywhere now. It performs much better than the traditional way of transforming meshes. But the conversation in class about actually modelling muscles with proper biological / physical characteristics intrigues me. I feel like the result of such methods would be the most accurate among all mesh transforming techniques. While […]

  • TA: 01/30 Blog

    It is really impressive that the Jacobian pseudo inverse method actually relates to the gradient method of IK. I thought of several ways to add restrictions: They kind of make sense to me as animals tends to move less and use the least amount of energy for a certain goal. But I’m not sure about […]

  • TA: 01/25Blog

    I just happened to think about this question after the lecture: In CCD or similar algorithms the result angles are generated step by step: only one joint is rotated in one calculation step. I wonder when we actually animate a movement is it still going to be the step by step movement or there are […]

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